Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Marble Top Table

Photograph 1
This little table, used in this photograph as a game table, is one of the family treasures.  From a brief search, it appears to be a Victorian occasional table.  One site described Victorian furniture as, 

Late 19th century. 
Woods used: Mahogany, walnut, rosewood.
Description: heavy, massive, substantial; dark finish; clumsy design; ornate carvings and decorations; marble tops used.

Description found at  
Photograph 2
This really is a beautiful piece of furniture.  For me though, even though it's a valuable antique, I think the best part is that it has been passed down through the family.  It was either purchased by Dudley and Caroline Jones, or by their son Arthur Clifton and Georgia Jones, and it was used in that same house on Scott Street by Arthur & Nell Jones, until it was moved in the 1970's to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where it was used by their daughter and her family.  Just this year it was moved to Dallas, where it has begun its service to the next generation. 

Photograph 1 - Arthur Jackson Jones & his brother, Dudley Emerson Jones sitting at Victorian side table [probably in the Scott Street House, Little Rock, Arkansas].  Dudley Emerson Jones, 1829 - 1913, Manuscript Collection MC 1305, Series 4, Folder 10. Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville.
Photograph 2. Christmas at the Deller home in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the third great granddaughter of Dudley Emerson Jones sitting in front of Victorian Side Table.  Personal photo by Carolyn Jones Deller. Christmas, 1990

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  1. I can totally relate to your love of this table because of the family connection more than its dollar value. A chocolate pot that I inherited has become more precious to me after spotting it among wedding gifts in an old photo. Thanks for posting your story.