Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Family Treasure - Continued

Here are the family pages from the G.W. Hussong Family Bible (1), with transcriptions next to them.

 Marriage Certificate

This is to Certify That
Mr. George W Hussong
M Elisebeth Ann Gilbert
Were Solemnly United By Me In
Holy Matrimony
At A.B. Hussong On the 27 of September,
In the Year of Our LORD
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy three
Conformably to the Ordinance of GOD and the Laws of
The Land.
In Presence of
A.B. Hussong         C.F. Gilbert
LaVina McCan       Margaret Gilbert

Family Record


George W. Hussong and Elisebeth Ann
Gilbert was married September
the 27, 1873


Family Record 


G.W. Hussong was Borned November the 13, 1854
E.A. Hussong was Borned febuary [sic] the 4, 1857
A.M. Hussong was Borned febuary the 7, 1876
M.L. Hussong was borned Jenuary [sic]the 28, 1878
L.L. Hussong was borned march the 10, 1880
Lilly Jane Hussong was born November the 4, 1881
John Franklin Hussong was Borned January the 14, 1884
Elnorah Hussong was Borned may the 1, 1888
James Allen Hussong was born September 6th, 1890
Mayble Agnes Hussong bornd sept 21, 1892.
Charles Elmer Hussong Was borned June the 20 1895
Wilmer Leander Hussong Was borned march the 10 1901
John Franklin Hussong Died January the 27, 1903

Family Record.


Charley Baby
Mary Larien Hussong was Born Dec. 5, 1915
L Nora Jeneva Hussong Born October 18, 1918
Elmer Lee Hussong born April 30, 1921
William Roy Hussong Borned Sep. 19, 1923
John Arthur Hussong Borned Jan 13, 1927

Family Record.


Luisey LuViney Hussong Died July the 19th 1881
Mary L. Hussong Died September 13th, 1888.
James Allen Hussong Died September 1st 1891
Mable Agness Hussong Died August the 12, 1893
John Franklin Hussong Died January the 27, 1903
Wilber Leander Hussong Died Jan. 1th 1914
Anna Leslie Died 18 Jan 18th, 1914
Charley Elmer Hussong died November 14 in 1928
George W. Hussong died April 3 in 1929

(1) Family data, G.W. Hussong Family Bible, The Holy Bible (John E. Potter & Company, Philadelphia, PA); original owned in 2013 by David C Deller (address private). The G.W. Hussong Family Bible passed from George W. Hussong to his daughter, Elnora Hussong Asbell to her son William Asbell Jr, to his son Bill Asbell, to Elnora's great-grandson David C. Deller.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Jones!

Dudley Emerson Jones, c. 1849 (1)
Dudley Emerson Jones, c. 1895 (2)

(1) Susan Taylor-Colby, "Dudley Emerson Jones - View Media" at, at [|pgNum] (accessed 30 January 2013). Photo of Dudley Emerson Jones with friend.

(2)  Susan Taylor-Colby, "Dudley Emerson Jones" at, at [] (accessed 30 January 2013). Photo of Dudley Emerson Jones.