Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Family Treasure

Last summer we were able to visit a distant relative that I had never met, and my husband hadn't seen in years.  He knew I'd been doing some family research, and when he heard we would be coming, he pulled out several boxes of family pictures and documents.

For a while, all we did was pore over them all, trying to figure out who was who.  Making guesses from the few pictures that were labeled (yet another reminder that ALL photos should be labeled for those future generations who might be curious).  I had started scanning in the photos we'd viewed, when he pulled out an army green bag.  When he pulled out an old family Bible, my heart skipped a beat. 

Understand, I hadn't found a lot of information on this particular side of the family, and didn't really have any leads.  And then he showed us the family pages, from not one, but two family Bibles.  I don't know what happened to the other Bible, but the family pages had been removed and placed in another larger Bible.  These pages appear to have been filled out by the parents of George W. Hussong.  I now have the names of the parents of George W. Hussong and plenty of leads to continue the search.

Here are pages from the oldest Bible (we're assuming), and transcriptions next to them.


FATHER.  Andrew B. Hussong 
was bornd November the 2, 1822.
Rebecca Dorrel 
was bornd August the 15 - 1834.
Andrew B. Hussong and 
Rebecca Dorrel was married 
MOTHER.  October the 27, 1853
Peter Jacob Been was bornd 
December the 25th, 1838


George W Hussong
was bornd November the 13. 1854
Joseph Hussong was bornd
July the 18. 1857
Mary Jane Hussong was bornd
September the 24. 1858
Maliesa Carline Hussong
was bornd November the
2  1860
Rebeca Hussong was bornd
July the 18, 1863.
Myrtle May Leslie was
Bornd Febaury the 27th on sunday 1897


George W Hussong was converted august 
the 23, 1869 and was united to the 
church and baptised the 25, 1869

our Little Baby Leslie
was borned on Thursday 
the 13th 1900
Myrtle Leslie wase Borned
febarury the 27 day on
Sunday evening 1897


Joseph Hussong
departed this life
July the 28 1857

Mary Jane Hussong
departed this life
Febuary the 15. 1859

Rebeca Hussong departed this
this life July the 18, 1863
Rebeca Hussong Junior departed
this life September the 14, 1863

Malica Caroline departed
this life July the tenth, 10, 1866
A B Hussong departed this
life Febuary the 14, 1883
Mr. George W. Hussong,
Died April, 3  1929.

If you recognize anyone from these listings or would like higher resolution images, please contact me.  And thank you again Bill for a great visit, and for one of the greatest treasures we've ever received.