Saturday, October 3, 2009

The First Post

Years ago, my grandmother shared her love of family. She showed us the family Bible, filled with names of parents and grandparents. She wrote lists of grandparents, their children, her parents and her brothers and sisters. She seemed proud that she knew all their names, and her enthusiasm was contagious. I asked her to show me where these relatives were buried, and she took me for rides. We didn't have to go far; a few miles in different directions took us to four or five different family cemeteries. She'd lead the way to gravestones, pointing them out one by one, telling me how we were all related. While I did encourage her to tell me about them, I'm sure I didn't learn as much as I could have.

Since then I've been collecting family information, but I still feel like a beginner to the world of genealogy. In spite of the overwhelming scope of it all, I want to keep searching and collecting information about these family members. With each bit of information I find, I keep wondering, 'What was their story?' I know, it's not an original thought, but it keeps recurring, and I thought it was as good a title as any.

So I'm starting this blog with the purpose of sharing information that I've found about the Deller, Jones, Roark, Ingram, Miller, Hussong, Jackson, Taylor, Hogan, Gilbert, Peck, Vaught, Lappin, Starkey, Perry, Montgomery, Reno, and more (there always seems to be more).


  1. I love the name of your blog! I think passing along the stories of our ancestors is one of the most important things. Can't wait to see what stories you have to tell.

  2. You were very fortunate that your grandmother shared her love of family with you by showing you the family Bible and the graves of loved ones. Good for you for catching the spark.

  3. I also love the name of your log, but most of all, I love the photo's in the banner!

    As I read this article, it made me laugh thinking of the times I have spent at cemeteries with my children and their cousins. Telling stories of each of the family members, so that when we are gone, they too know their ancestors.