Friday, October 8, 2010

Funeral Card Friday - Elnora Hussong Roark Asbell

Almost a year ago, I wrote about Elnora Hussong Roark Asbell.  This past summer we had the opportunity to travel to different places throughout the mid-west, and were able to visit previously unknown relatives, as well as known ones.  I learned [again] just how important it is to ASK if there are pictures or papers that are related to the family being researched.  I can't count how many times my husband and his family had visited their family in Forney, and they had never seen the photos that we saw this summer - after - I'd specifically asked.  They'd been stored away in a small suitcase, that Nora's daughter Mable had given to her granddaughter.  I brought up the old post, because I made a correction to it.  One of Nora's granddaughters was able to identify the previous photo as a friend of Nora's.  I was a bit dismayed to see that, but was quickly excited again, when they produced an authentic portrait of Nora, which I've now corrected on the blog entry.

But back to the Funeral Card.  This particular card is not very unusual for the late 20th century.  With a picture of the servicing mortuary, Broadway Mortuary, on the front, and a copy of the Twenty-third Psalm and details of the funeral service on the inside.

In Memory of 
Nora Asbell

 Date of Birth
May 1, 1888
Galena, Kansas

Date of Death
March 27, 1965
Dallas, Texas

Broadway Mortuary Chapel
Monday, March 29, 1965
2:20 p.m.

Rev. Leonard A. Clark
Grace Methodist Church

Wichita Park Cemetery

Mrs. John N. Free
Mrs. Melvin H. McCune
"The Old Rugged Cross"

Jack H. Cozine, Funeral Director
Service by Broadway Mortuary
Wichita, Kansas

Funeral card of Nora Asbell.  Personal collection of D. & M. Deller, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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