Saturday, October 31, 2009

Surname Saturday - Hussong

"Hussong is the Germanized spelling of the French name, Husson, from a pet form of the Old French personal name Hue or Hugh. Hugh is English: from the Old French personal name Hu(gh)e, introduced to Britain by the Normans. This is in origin a short form of any of the various Germanic compound names with the first element hug ‘heart’, ‘mind’, ‘spirit’... It was a popular personal name among the Normans in England, partly due to the fame of St. Hugh of Lincoln (1140–1200), who was born in Burgundy and who established the first Carthusian monastery in England."
So says This has been a difficult family branch to work on. I have a few hints, but nothing substantial. I wrote of Nora Hussong in a previous post. She is my husband's paternal Great-grandmother. I found her in each U.S. Federal Census, 1900 - 1930, and in the Kansas 1895 census. In the 1895 and 1900 census, she lived with George W. Hussong and Elizabeth Hussong, identified as their daughter in the 1900 census. In the 1910 census, she was the wife of George T. Roark, and in the 1920 census she was the wife of William T. Asbell. Her death certificate informant was her son, William T Asbell Jr., who listed her parents as George Husong and Elizabeth Gilbert. So, it would seem I have a positive ID on Nora's parents.

George and Elizabeth Hussong are listed together in the 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 U.S. Federal Census records. In every census, George's birthplace is listed as Illinois, his occupation is 'Miner' or 'Mining'. Elizabeth's birthplace is listed as Indiana, and by the 1910 Census, she indicated that she'd had 10 children, 5 of which were living, and they'd been married for 33 years .

I found Elizabeth Hussong's death certificate at the (wonderful) Missouri Digital Heritage website. Jane Hussong Land, Elizabeth's daughter, was the informant. She gave information that indicated Elizabeth's husband was George Hussong. Since Elizabeth Hussong was listed in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census as widowed, this would indicate that he died between 1920 and 1930. I can find George and Elizabeth in census records, but I can't find either one of them in records before they were married. Unfortunately, I can't find George's death certificate in this database. I believe I did say it wasn't a perfect website.

So, I'm having to wait until January and February to do some more sleuthing on this family. Looking for birth records in Galena, Kansas, and death records in either Joplin or Neosho, Missouri. Wish me luck!


  1. I am a Hussong descendant. While I cannot tell you about your particular branch, there is extensive research on this French Huguenot family family. Antoine Husson emigrated from Pays Messen France to Mimbach, Germany in present-day Saarland, the spelling of his name changed to Antoni Hussong. He is the first Hussong.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about the Hussong family. Researching this particular line is a real challenge for sure. I did find some more information on this particular couple, but very little on their parents. Just some spotty stories. I'll have to write an update to this article *soon*.

  3. I am related through Elizabeth Jane Mitchell whose Great Grandparents (my 5th gg parents)are Rev. Morris Mitchell and Elizabeth Hoosong (Hoosang/Husong). Elizabeth is the daughter of Jacob Hoosang and Elizabeth Cowen. My mother and her sister share DNA with a descendant of Isaac Husong, Elizabeth's brother. Our Gedmatch kit numbers are: Mom = A291909 & sister = M715002 with kits A667929 & A931011. These DNA matches are on their 14th chromosome. Not sure if that is for the Husong or Cowen line but it's DNA confirmed!

  4. Thank you Kathy for stopping in. That's some interesting information you have there. We haven't taken any DNA tests, I keep wanting to try one, but we're in and out of the country so much, it's difficult to get it all coordinated. I'd be interested in talking with you more about the Hoosong (Hussong) link. You can email me at the link above.

    You might also be interested in the link to the Hussong family Bibles. I have the pages there with a transcript beside them. The birth of Peter Jacob Bean (Been) was included on the Marriage page of Andrew Hussong's Bible.

    Thanks again!

  5. I want to know more about the Husong family.

  6. Hi Iconic_Bazooka, and thanks for dropping in. I'd like to know more about the Hussong family as well! :-) What you see here on the blog is pretty much what I have. What exactly are you looking for?

  7. My maiden name is Hussong. My dad,Charlie Hussong, lives in Anderson, MO currently. His father, John Hussong lived in Carl Junction, MO at the time of his death about 25 years ago. My dad's brother, Tony Hussong lives near Miami, OK

    1. Hi Chrystal, and thanks for stopping in at this blog post. If I understand you right, and if my records are right, you are related to my husband. John Hussong's father was Charles Elmer Hussong, and his father was George W Hussong. George and Elizabeth Hussong had 10 children, but only 4 lived to adulthood, Anna, Lillie Jane, Elnora and Charles. My husband's great grandmother was Elnora.

      Since this post was written, I've been quite lazy, and not written much online, but have found more on the family. We also have family pictures of Charles Elmer & his wife Ethel Hussong, which I'd be happy to share with you. Please contact me via the email above and we can chat more!

      Thanks again for dropping by!