Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Charles Joseph Deller

Digital image of Gravestone for Charles Joseph Deller,
Fairview Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS, A. B. Deller, February 2010
Charles Joseph Deller was born in Kane, McKean County, Pennsylvania on July 21, 1905 to Peter and Carrie Deller.[1]  He died in a drowning accident July 15, 1939 near Ketchum, Oklahoma.[2] This is another one of those instances where the gravestone isn't accurate.

[1] Diller, not named entry, McKean County Births, Return of Births 1904-1905, File Number 29.
[2] Charles J Deller, Ketchum, Mayes, OK death certificate 12310 (15 July 1939).

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