Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Autograph Book

©2007 A.B. Deller, digital copy, original held by D. C. Deller

One of our family treasures is an Autograph book that belonged to "Ed & Ollie Ingram," also known as William Edward Ingram and Viola F. Taylor.  The entries in the book date from January 1882 to January 1887.  During this period, they moved from Jeffersonville, Illinois, to Hempstead, Texas, where three of their children were born.

This entry from Ed's sister Fannie seems to be a typical entry:

©2007 A.B. Deller, digital copy, original held by D. C. Deller
Dear Brother and Sister,
Let peace attend thy home retreat,
Far from the friends you love so well,
And linked virtue hold her seat,
In cot or mansion where you dwell.
May heavens richest choicest boon,
Entwine and crown your brow,
And make thy pathway bright as noon
To cheer the friends you are far from now.
Fannie Hill
Murphysboro, M'ch 8th, 1882 

Besides the beautiful handwriting and the interesting quotes and poems, it's been a source to confirm relationships.  Fannie's entry starts, "Dear Brother and Sister"; other entries through the book are signed, "Your Sister," and "Your Cousin."   And it's possible that, considering the number of Taylor family members who signed it, Viola was primary owner of the little book.  

In addition to all that, it also indicates locales that were important to their family.  Murphysboro, Illinois, Jeffersonville, Illinois, and Hempstead, Texas.  

It really is a great little treasure chest of information.

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  1. Books like this help preserve family history and tells a story which the next generation can read and learn from. Great piece of treasure, do keep it safe