Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Share Your Memories

Hi All,

We [the Deller family] are in the process of putting together a family history book, and would like to ask family members and friends to send in stories and memories of anyone in the family. This basically means anyone related to Carolyn or Charles Deller, and specifically including Mabel and Rudy Valdez, Mona and Delores, as well as relatives of the Jones [Carolyn] family.

The hope is to put together something for the family which they can keep and share in the future, preserving memories that might otherwise be lost. The best things would be specific memories or stories.

[David speaking: “I remember asking Rudy when we were fishing whether the fish knew they were going to cut their heads off. ‘Yeah,’ he said with a grin, ‘they know.’ Or when I visited Granny Mabel in Tulsa as a kid, and she would always be sitting at the coffee table, smoking Salems, watching TV, and playing solitaire. That’s how I remember her. Those are weak examples, perhaps, but are just off the top of my head. Think of something you think would interest other family members, and is worth remembering.

Another example: When I was 4, my sister threw the bologna from a sandwich accidentally/on purpose into my hair. That’s silly, but might help someone remember Diane. Or seeing her dance.

Just whatever you remember fondly, and would like to share with others. There is no necessary limit, but the “editors” may have to alter some to get them in. But we can handle quite a bit, because whatever we cannot get into the “book” itself, we plan to put on a DVD/CD inside the back cover which could contain a lot of stuff. And I [David], characteristically, want to include as much as possible. We hope to put together something that others would be interested in having [we haven’t figured out the logistics yet].

Thank you in advance, and looking forward to your stories. We’re trying to get this done by August, so we are hoping to get all the material by June.

Thanks again for your contribution.


Pictures from top to bottom, left to right
1- Carolyn Jones & Charles F Deller at Tulsa Airport, OK abt 1995; 2- Mable Roark Deller Valdez holding Diane Deller, & Rudy Valdez holding Martha Deller, abt 1955; 3- Mable Roark with her father George Thomas Roark & brother Roy Roark, abt 1910; 4- Charles Franklin Deller & Carolyn Jones, 1950; 5- Mable Roark Deller Valdez

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